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Part 1: Misguided Expats: I'm Not seeking to meet liberty minded people

Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 15:37
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Part 1: Misguided Expats: I'm Not seeking to meet liberty minded people

A recent forum post on Total Uruguay, Why Uruguay (and why not this site), pointed out an issue that I have long felt to be important, they put it this way:

And, as we travel, we hear much from locals complaining that many American expats they meet seem to have simply brought their political and social baggage with them

As someone who was an expat for 10-1/2 years and now stateless for two years, and having had organized in-person expat meetings for many years as well as hosting online forums for expats, I've seen a number of common threads:

  • Those who are so focused on what they are "escaping" from that they don't take notice of or have much of any interest in where they are going to.
  • Those who have a great dream (for example, a simple, organic, self-sustainable lifestyle) and have taken a big step toward that by moving to a place they believe it is possible to have. Yet staying so focused on the political and social issues of where they came from that they never have the time or mental energy to engage that new lifestyle.
  • Those who have a great dream (a place which is a bastion of liberty) and fail to realize that while it is a great dream to have, it is not one that can be found on planet earth. While country X may impose upon your liberty in one way, country Y will impose on it in another way, etc.
The author of the above post goes on to explain how they have given up on numerous online expat forums because there is too much focus on the politics of someone's home countries and not information of interest to expats actually in or moving to a new country. Additionally, they found much of the same with expats they actually met in various countries.

Unfortunately, their post in Total Uruguay seemed focused on those issues and didn't bring out any actual expat issues, questions or information that related to Uruguay.

On the other hand, I often see people make posts on expat forums to the effect they are "looking to meet other liberty minded expats in ....". One even sent me information on Facebook about a page there that highlights all the news articles about the drama of the world today, and notes on how one (US Citizens) can apparently excise themselves from the control of the US Government.

I believe that everyone who would fit within the above described situations are well meaning and looking for a better life. However, based on my personal experiences and observations, I believe they are misguided and will remain on the same roller-coaster or treadmill. I have no interest in being sucked back into that.

In the next part, I'll share some of my thoughts on getting outside that drama: Part 2: Inner-Peace: I'm Not seeking to meet liberty minded people

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Roman (167037,3416)

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Part 1: Misguided Expats: I'm Not seeking to meet liberty minded people

Saturday, July 04, 2015 at 20:40
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I wouldn't tag those people as expats, yes as Swallows. Just like such birds, they are constantly on the move looking for an ideal place to be yet leaving a place ready to embrace them again in case (a very likely case) they return.
Those boundaries themselves impose also tie them to places and politics in a way that totally contradict what they preach.

Let's be realistic, how many people actually do what they preach?
Some may even risk that it's part of human nature.


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Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 17:43
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Here is a picture of someone you might know.

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