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The Stalkers Home Page

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 10:35

In the earlier days of the internet (ie: 1996), I created the "Stalkers Home Page".

The first version of it had three links. It, I think, brought to a point the entire issue of Internet Privacy. A point that has been completely lost since I first made that page, and a point that was even lost of by viewers of the page.

Though I later added more resources, initially the Stalkers Home Page had three links:

  • Switchboard
  • Mapquest
  • Travelocity

With Switchboard you could look up a phone number, or a name and get an address. Mapquest you could get a map of the address and with Travelocity you could make a trip to go visit them.

Of course, all of those kinds of resources existed long before the internet. However, by bringing such "diverse" kinds of data together in one easy to access place, I believe changed the nature of it significantly.

There is lots of data out there and much of it is probably completely meaningless when it is isolated. Bring it all together and it becomes something else entirely.

My example to show that difference brought harsh words from "Banyan Systems" (then owners of Switchboard). It turns out their words were simply idle threats, but at least publicly acted as if it never crossed their mind that someone might use their website for nefarious purposes. Stalker's home page scares Banyan

In the end, I learned that it seems everyone, individuals and businesses just want to be stalkers. However horrified society is at the privacy invasions of the internet and the world at large, there is no end to more and more information being made available publicly and being collated into cohesive resources.

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Below is a copy of Banyan Systems Letter (nastygram):

This letter follows my attempt to contact you by telephone today.

Banyan Systems Incorporated has learned that one or more parties

operating on your system (

are misappropriating Banyan's on-line "whitepages" directory,

Switchboard(tm). Furthermore, these parties expressly encourage and

instruct users of your system to access Switchboard in order to engage

in "stalking" -- privacy -- spying -- snooping", some of which

activities are subject to federal, and state criminal laws, and all of

which entail potential liability for damages to one or more personal

privacy rights. Attached for your information are photocopies of

computer screens containing the offending text.

We intend vigorously to protect our legal rights and the integrity of

our products and services, as well as to insure strict performance of

your obligations in this matter.

While we continue to pursue our own investigation into these activities

and consult with law enforcement agencies as necessary, we require you

to take the following measures:

1. immediately terminate all access to Switchboard via your system

by any programmatic means;

2. immediately stop further misappropriation of Switchboard in any

form and its misuse for criminal purposes;

3. immediately implement effective procedures to preclude any

linkage whatsoever to Switchboard in the future without our express

written consent; and

4. promptly and without delay confirm to me in writing that you have

undertaken these measures.

You may contact me at (508) 898-1000, ext. 1662.


Richard L. Bugley

Vice President and General Counsel



Banyan Systems Inc., 120 Flanders Road, PO. Box 5013, Westboro,

MA 01581-5013 Tel 508-898-1000 Fax 508-898-1755

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The Stalkers Home Page

Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 18:47

Stalking is a common thing today. There's this custom of checking someone's public profile before adding it into our contacts (there's also methods to check the "not so public" profile).
As people show more of themselves in a daily basis, it's easier to "stalk" on them, since it seems like everyone is an attention Wh*re.


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Purpose for my stalkers page

Monday, July 20, 2015 at 10:01

The original purpose for my Stalker's Home Page was to highlight the ease by which separate databases were brought together via the internet.

The initial page had 3 sites, switchboard to do a reverse number lookup, mapquest, to get a map for a particular address, and a travel site. Hence, the combination turned 3 distinct services into something completely different.

While many praised the beauty of these sites individually, in combination a darker side appears. My presentation was unwelcome by many. They seemed to think it was better to keep people stupid and hope no one noticed.

I recall one person, I believe from the EFF who said in a media interview that my Stalker's Home Page has some excellent resources, but it was a horrible name for the page. Of course, missing my point entirely. My page wasn't designed to be a resource for wanna be private detectives. It wasn't designed to be a resource for those looking to dig up dirt (or just addresses) on someone.

It was designed to make a statement! A statement that obviously fell upon a culture which is completely oblivious to not only the "1984" nature of government, but also their own actions which support that. For example, using the word "privacy" when speaking of Facebook (a public social network).

Just consider that we apply the term privacy to information, photos, etc that we voluntarily publish shows just how unable we understand technology.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 20:16

You can find the original page at (along with lots of useful information of whatever you think is lost info).
It's pretty curious to find out that the Govt complained about something that is of public access, were they expecting people to remain ignorant and dull the entire time?

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