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Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 11:26

This is an index of various articles I've written or find particularly interesting that are on other websites.

Glen L Roberts on Wikipedia.

Social Networks

My Stuff; Other Sites:

  • How to Renounce. A forum to discuss the issues of renouncing US Citizenship.
  • Total Uruguay. A forum for expats living or interested in Uruguay.
  • PDFs via Bitcoin. A site for independent authors to sell their PDF eBooks via Bitcoin, to purchase them, and for affiliates. The site operates as an escrow agent.
  • BTC Instant Win. Win a little bit of bitcoin.

Recent Media Appearances



Old Press Headlines

  • The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Dec 4, 1999: Web sites anger military
    "But members of the military... said Roberts was becoming a treat to national security."
  • The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Mar 21, 1997: Public or Private; Computer consultant chows how technology can abuse us
    According to the Post Gazette, "one of the more arresting sites on Roberts' Web site is something he has dubbed 'The Stalker's Home Page'. It lists scores of resources for finding information about people and the name has no endeared him to his ideological allies, not to mention his critics. 'Calling it The Stalker's Home Page' was a stupid idea,' said Shari Steele, a staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco based advocacy group. 'But it contains some very useful and helpful information.'"

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