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My books: The Complete List

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 at 11:44
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My books: The Complete List

Here is a list of books that I have written and/or published. I will start with the ones that are currently available. Click on the image to view the listing on Amazon.

How To Renounce your US Citizenship in two easy steps is available from Nimble Wisdom in PDF format (paid via bitcoin): How to Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship in Two Easy Steps, as well as: Bitcoin: A how-to guide for small business. Please support the bitcoin economy and shop on Nimble Wisdom.

How to Renounce Your US Citizenship in Two Easy Steps

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This title is based on my own personal experiences. In 2013, I took the step of renouncing my US Citizenship and becoming voluntarily stateless. I took that action after having lived outside the United States for almost 11 years.

This book takes a straightforward and direct look at the process. It will help you understand what is necessary, how to go about it and what to expect. There are a lot of misconceptions about the process and this book will help you see past the emotions and the reality of it. The keyword is: simple. The second keyword is: no drama.

Even if you are not seriously considering the idea of renouncing your citizenship, this is a good book to give you a good overview and maybe even encourage you to reconsider your future.

I felt as if the process resulted in a spiritual rebirth. It left me ready to explore life again without any of the burdens being an American had imposed on me.

More information: How to Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship in Two Easy Steps.

Bitcoin: A how-to guide for small business

Bitcoin: Guía para comercios, profesionales y negocios

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This title is now completed and is currently available in English and Spanish.

This is a another direct, straightforward guide on how to start engaging with bitcoin. The focus is mainly for small businesses outside the US, Canada and Europe.

It presents a simple strategy for starting to accept bitcoin immediately and then follow several additional steps that require very little capital to setup a dedicated bitcoin point of sale terminal and be able to use the bitcoin you receive for purchases from your suppliers or others who do not accept bitcoin.

The book also pays special attention to services and procedures which are stateless friendly, thereby helping open this new economy to all those who may feel excluded economically because of their nationality.

For more information: Bitcoin: a how to guide for small business, y [post not currently available].

You may purchase the PDF Edition on Nimble Wisdom with bitcoin.

Total Uruguay Expat eBook

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This title is currently available in Amazon Kindle format for 99 cents. This edition is quite outdated, being from 2008.

However, many people still find it useful. The main points that are out of date, are the immigration requirements and document legalization. Uruguay now accepts apostilles, so if you are in a another apostille country such as the US, that process not the conventional legalization process would be used for each document.

Additionally, the immigration process no long has a $500 minimum monthly income requirement. You are now required to show that you can "maintain yourself". Unfortunately there is little objective advice to offer on this point.

A new edition is in the works and will be offered in paperback and Kindle formats.

Titles not yet available

Titles no longer available

This are titles which are no longer available. If someone has a copy they can pass on to me, that would be greatly appreciation. I may consider republishing them or posting them on the web for historical purposes.

How to Spy on Anyone without Getting Caught

The FBI and Your BBS

Your Social Security Number from Pension Provider to Privacy Penetrator

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