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Human Spirit vs Citizenship: World Citizen? Global Citizen?

Wednesday, June 01, 2016 at 09:51
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Human Spirit vs Citizenship: World Citizen? Global Citizen?

I recently ran across a post on Facebook that showed a "passport" indicating the holder was a "global citizen". That is a phrase people often use when they discover I am stateless. "Oh, you're a world citizen".

I responded to a post with a copy of the cover of my "travel document", captioned, "my flag-less (no allegiance to a country) passport". A friend asked, "How common are these? Do you think anyway".

This is an (edited) response I made to his question:

Well, mine is #B0000284. I believe they are very uncommon. In fact, an employee with an Uruguayan Airline, before she allowed me to check in, telephoned Uruguayan immigration and said, "it looks like a passport but is not a passport." I was then sent for a pre-checkin immigration inspection where I was treated very poorly.

Uruguay issues these travel documents to people in 3 kinds of situations: 1) Refugees, 2) Stateless people (me), and 3) foreigners those who are unable to get a passport from their country of citizenship, in Uruguay (ie: don't have an embassy there, etc).

In my case, I presented an application which was written by me, and the only other thing I signed was a receipt that I received the travel document. Thus, I am not obligated to Uruguay, nor have I taken any kind Oath of allegiance to them. As well, they are not obligated to me. They are not required to offer me "diplomatic" protection as are the issuers of common passports.

What we normally refer as a "passport" is based on citizenship in a country, ie: an allegiance to the country, a forced nationalism. In fact, the US won't issue you a passport simply because you are a US Citizen. According to the US Attorney's manual; "Section 1541 also makes it a crime for consular officers to verify passports for persons not owing allegiance to the United States, even if they are citizens." For more details, see: US Citizenship = US Passport? Not true!.

I dislike the word "citizen" as used in "world citizen" or "global citizen" as its common usage indicates that "allegiance" to a higher power (political power), a selling of your soul. Instead we should look for mutual respect. Respect of and from other humans, animals, the world at large and the world itself. The challenge there is of course respecting those who have no consideration for our uniqueness much less respect.

The dictionary definition (from of "nationality" is "the status of belonging to a particular nation," and of "citizen" is "a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection (distinguished from alien)." Both definitions clearly show that when we are a citizen or hold a nationality, we are "owned" by something outside ourselves. We've sold our soul to the devil.

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world citizenship

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 04:42
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We all know that we are created by God and we can not choose our parents, either the location that we are born. Belonging to particular nationality and citizen can be done when you are of age. But as long as your parents that gave birth to you are from a particular nation, you can not change or denial the fact. The only thing that you can do is to migrate to a different country and seek their own government permit before you can real become a citizen of that country.

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