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Statelessness and Travel

One of the issues that comes up with respect to nationality is often that of travel. International travel to be exact. In these discussions often, the "right" of travel is seen as the only benefit nationality offers the individuals. I do suspect true proponent of the nationality system could list a whole host of other "benefits".

Though, I


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My books: The Complete List

Here is a list of books that I have written and/or published. I will start with the ones that are currently available. Click on the image to view the listing on Amazon.

How To Renounce your US Citizenship in two easy steps is available from Nimble Wisdom in PDF format (paid via bitcoin): //p[284078], as well as: //p[284080]. Please support


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Cost of Lunch and Bitcoin Helping with Local Sales Volume

Robert, asked a couple of great questions on a recent video I posted to YouTube (//id:80e1//):

Hi Glen, Thanks for the video. That salad looked good, but did it cost over $10? Isn't that expensive in South America? Also, do you think that providing bitcoin pay helps businesses there to increase sales?

The food I had was a "hamburguesa"


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