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How Do You Live?

A friend asked me, 'how do you live'? I didn't quite understand the question so I inquired deeper, 'what do you mean'? Her response clarified the question well, 'how do you live being stateless'?

My response was along the lines as 'the same as you, I eat, I sleep, I work, I have good days, I have bad days, really like when I had a


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Easy Way Out

Does your Nationality define your identity? Isn't that a cop out? It may be, 'easy' to belong and let someone else define your identity, who you are and what you stand for. But, isn't that kind of belonging, being a 'citizen', or 'being owned' the antithesis to human nature of having a free spirit, free will and the underlying concepts that


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Forced to Belong

Personally, I find those who push that one must 'belong' (to a country) or lack some essential element of their identity are very mis-guided. I have no desire to belong. I have no desire to support any politicians and their wars, surveillance and abuse of human rights on any level. It is a complete abdication of my human spirit and individual


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Are You Stateless?

Are you stateless? By choice? Voluntarily? What do you find the challenges? The benefits? What country do you reside


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I Want to Belong!

Many describe statelessness as a problem of 'not belonging' and feel that citizenship gives a person the feeling of belonging and that without citizenship an essential part of one's identity is missing.

Now, I think 'belonging' is great if one chooses to belong. And, of course, if they 'belong' to something that is worthy of belonging


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Most Powerful Passport

There are lists floating of the worlds 'Most Powerful Passports'. They seem to equate 'power' with 'Visa free' travel destinations. I would look more at how heavy the passport holder's burden is to the issuing country and equate a Stateless Travel Document with being the most powerful 'passport' because it burdens the holder the least and the


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Going Stateless

The choice to become voluntarily stateless is taking a life path that has no guide. You'll never know if it is for you without taking that first step. A step you may never be able to return from. I think it is one of the best things I ever did. Would you consider


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Stateless Travel Document

One of the reasons I prefer a Stateless Travel Document over a Passport is that I am not obligated to the issuing country and the issuing country is not obligated to me. - Glen Lee


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Born Free: Stateless

This design represents the life of a man who chose to be stateless, he renounced his US Citizenship and became a man without a country. He returned to his bio-spiritual essence.

Order this t-shirt and other designs highlighting the positive side of being Stateless and the new bitcoin


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Human Spirit vs Citizenship: World Citizen? Global Citizen?

I recently ran across a post on Facebook that showed a "passport" indicating the holder was a "global citizen". That is a phrase people often use when they discover I am stateless. "Oh, you're a world citizen".

I responded to a post with a copy of the cover of my "travel document", captioned, "my flag-less (no allegiance to a country)


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