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July 4, 2016: Exploring Freedom in the USA.

I ran across a post, a meme, that someone published on Facebook for the 4th of July in the USA. They were taking issue with those that critique that country for abusing the freedom and liberty of their citizens.

They recommend that those who were not following the party line, ie: believing in the freedom of the US do something follows: Hop

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Defining Freedom

As today is July 4th, many are celebrating the Independence of the United States and honoring the freedom and liberty that country is based on.

Today, I happened across what I think is a great definition of what "freedom" means to those in power there. In this case, specifically "free trade".

"As required by section 301(a) of


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2016 US Presidential Election: Vote No!

The United States seems have come to a place where the population is extremely divided. A good portion of the population sees choice #1 as the only way to save the country and choice #2 as the end of civilization. Another good portion of the population is sitting in the other polarity: and sees choice #2 as the only way to save the country and


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Americans Can Now Travel More Freely to Cuba

This is simply absurd:

more freely

For a country based on "freedom". The concept of restrictions on travel is simply absurd. Shift from strict travel restrictions to "more freely" is not a step in the right direction.

All of the legal restrictions with respect to Cuba should simply be voided. And, the process


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Collected Department Releases: Reception on "American Diplomacy: Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow"

Reception on "American Diplomacy: Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow" Remarks Antony J. Blinken Deputy Secretary of State Washington, DC February 2, 2016 Thank you all very much for being here. Nancy, thank you for a wonderful


Check Mark Soliciting Illegal Campaign Contributions

These people are incessantly sending me emails (which since they come via the Washington Times and the Washington Times refers to them as an "advisement", I doubt is a freebie).

The email address they arrive at is one that is highly unlikely that I ever used (with the Washington Times or anyone else). And, if so, certainly not as any


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Ben Carson and the Washington Times ask me to violate the law!

This morning I got a compelling email from the Washington Times signed by Ben Carson. In the email / letter, Ben Carson implores me to:

With that in mind, I ask you to make a secure donation to my campaign before the clock runs out.

So please, help us close out the month in a strong way. Make a donation


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The Bank Secrecy Act, FBAR and Freedom

Yesterday, I had lunch with someone and they mentioned that they cringe when they hear someone say that various "enemies" of the United States make attacks on that country (or their people) simply because they have "freedom". Ie: it is some kind of animosity against "freedom".

My friend finds those kinds of statements absurd as he doesn't

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US Citizenship = US Passport? Not true!

Many equate a US Passport with US citizenship. Equating renunciation of US citizenship with "giving up their US passport". US Citizenship and renunciation of it is a much deeper topic than just passports.

Not to mention that a closer examination of the passport issue shows that just because you are a US Citizen doesn't mean you are entitled

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Part 2: Inner-Peace: I'm Not seeking to meet liberty minded people

In my previous article, //id:44203//, I wrote about what I feel are some misguided expats. Here I will share how my path has changed since I became an expat some 12-1/2 years ago.

The underlying issue in my view is our addiction to the drama and the resulting distraction. I also believe that our "goal" to live in some place (a country, or


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